Legal Advisor – WORDS OF 2020 – A Whole New Vocabulary

Words of 2020
– Liat’s Legal Advisor
A whole new vocabulary

Say goodbye to Covid-19 and hope it leaves the world in 2021

  • Notice the words you thought you knew. They now have A new MEANING:
  • Social Distancing: Stay 6 feet away from other people.
  • Quarantine: How many days you must stay inside.
  • Face Mask: Wear one when outside or with other humans.
  • Reduce Spike in Covid Cases: If it happens that’s good. Less deaths.
  • Sanitize: Wash your hands often and surfaces too.
  • Business: If you have one, hope it stays OPEN.
  • Holiday Parties: Not allowed outside of your immediate family.
  • COVID-19: What you do not want for yourself, friends, family members, and others. A virulent virus that may kill you or your family & friends.
  • Test Positive: You’ve got COVID. Not good.
  • Percentage of Capacity: how much room hospitals have remaining to treat patients.
  • Vaccine: What may save your life or the lives of others.
  • New Normal: We go around wearing face masks and keeping 6 feet apart.
    • We can’t Dine out.
    • We do a lot of takeout
    • We watch the media so we know how many people died yesterday.
    • A lot of businesses do close and many employees lose their jobs.
  • Remote Learning: Kids learning through internet & ZOOM — Not in schools.
  • Virtual Meeting: How we get together using ZOOM.
  • ZOOM: An app that you must have to connect with a group of people.
  • Unmute Yourself: click on the ICON when you are in a virtual meeting so the others can hear you (and see you).

A Wish: Stay healthy and safe in 2021 … please.

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