Put your business on the track to success by following this checklist:

  • Review leases, vendor and services agreements and operating contracts, do they need revisions? An update?
  • Review your NDAs and modify where needed; is your Company’s confidential information protected?
  • Is your Employee Handbook up to date? Does it include new Covid Rules?
  • Consult with an attorney regarding Furloughs versus Layoffs … Important IF you downsize your staff
  • Is it time for employees to get back to work at your business? What are the rules?
  • Has your physical workspace been modified to meet Covid standards?
  •  Inform your employees of any procedures and rules that will become effective in 2021
  • Create a plan for Sales and Marketing Strategy for 2021
  • Prepare any items that your accountant will need for income taxes
  • Think of networking opportunities for 2021 in the new age of Covid.
  • What actions have you taken to help your local community survive Covid during 2020? Will these continue in 2021?
  • Specify and update any changes you will make in product/service, pricing, or delivery.

AND most importantly, be sure your Business attorney, Liat Cohen, looks over any documents where modifications are required.

Happy Holidays

We value our clients. So we extend our best wishes to you and remind you to STAY SAFE and HEALTHY
If you need any assistance on legal matters please contact our office at 818.579.9996.

Remember: Wear a Mask, Wash Hands, Practice Social Distancing and Keep Working!!
Have a great holiday season, even if you need to see family and friends virtually via ZOOM.
We look forward to 2021 being a better year and wish you health and success.
See you in 2021!

Below are a few services that LIAT COHEN LAW OFFICES CAN provide to you:

  • Zealously represent you both in court & out
  • Consult with you and advise you
  • Independent legal research
  • Ensure both you and your employees are fairly treated
  • Keep you updated on employer obligations
  • Real Estate transactions
  • Write legal documents
  • Intellectual property litigation

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