Legal Advisor – Virtual Jury Duty — Pros & Cons

Virtual Jury Duty — Pros & Cons

You may be asked to report for jury duty at anytime. With COVID dominating our “normal” activities, many court related actions have been transformed to “virtual” format. This means that instead of attending Jury Duty in person in an actual courtroom we attend virtually via ZOOM, FACETIME, LACourt System, or WebX . There are Pros and Cons to Virtual Jury Service. Here are a few of them:


  • Jurors, attorneys, and court personnel can work from the comfort of their homes
  • Time and travel from home to court is saved, including hassles of parking
  • Jurors need not wear masks
  • Potential jurors’ faces and expressions can be seen during trial and voir dire ( jury selection.)
  • ZOOM enables you to see participant’s faces much more close-up
  • Jurors are much more relaxed and candid than in an actual courtroom


  • Participants will not be able to see body language
  • The reactions of other jurors and witnesses will be off camera and unseen
  • In poorer Cities the Juror pool can become skewed since poorer citizens may not have access to a computer or internet
  • Some of the participants will research the backgrounds of Law firms, the parties, or the case facts online which is ethically questionable
  • All activity may be shut down when a technical glitch disconnects you

As we continue to expand virtual hearings, meetings and now trials, the rules are vastly changing for everyone involved.

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