Legal Advisor – Bug-A-Salt Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Bug-A-Salt Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Skell, Inc., dba Bug-A-Salt, has filed suit against the department store chain Dillard’s and its distributor, William E. Connor & Associates, for infringing on Skell’s 2013 patent for a “bug killing gun” according to BugA-Salt’s attorney, Liat Cohen. The complaint was filed in United States District Court of Delaware, case 1:20-CV-01567- UNA. In the suit, Loren Maggiore, the inventor of Bug-A-Salt, defines his invention as, “A ‘gun’ that uses table salt as particulate projectiles to stun or kill insects, particularly flies.”

The patented Bug-A-Salt gun, which is safe around children and pets, has been on the market since 2013. More than three million Bug-A-Salt units have been sold; revenue from several versions of the product have resulted in sales in excess of $100 million. “I first came up with this crazy idea more than 30 years ago, and never dreamt it would become the international success that it has,” Maggiore says

In December 2019, Bug-A-Salt became aware that Dillard’s was offering for sale a near-identical knock-off product. That same month, Bug-A-Salt sent a cease-and-desist letter to Dillard’s, demanding they stop selling the counterfeit item. Dillard’s agreed. Subsequent investigation showed the patent infringing product was still available at Dillard’s.

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