Legal Advisor – Data Breach can cause irreparable harm to Businesses

Data Breach can cause irreparable harm to Businesses

Data breaches are on the rise and whether you are a large or small business it is important to take preventative action to protect your confidential information. Recently data breaches, even in law firms, have occurred through the hacking of outside vendors who perform services for a business.

When hiring vendors it is important to limit their access to information that they need in order to perform their services, and if this information is confidential to your business it is not sufficient to just have them sign a non-disclosure agreement.

You may need to find out what their cyber security protocols are in order to assure yourself that your business information is safe.

Additionally, there are the internal threats to data theft that come from disgruntled or just careless employees. There should be strict rules in the workplace about passwords and encryptions such that if an unwanted visitor attempts to hack in or just open a computer sitting on a desk, they do not obtain any information.

Nowadays it is easy to set up systems which require change of passwords every 90 days, which do not allow for downloading information to flash drives, and which require multiple path verifications to obtain data.

In the event of a breach, it is important to notify the clients or customers whose information was taken, hire a forensic computer analyst to determine what happened and how, and shut the door permanently on future such intrusions. You may also wish to follow up with criminal or civil action if the hacker/thief is known.

Protecting your business means not only protecting your confidential information but that of your customers and clients as well.
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