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In California Trade Secrets is a broad term which includes all proprietary information, financial records, client lists, manufacturing or production details, formulas, operational strategies and anything related to your particular business which is not common knowledge to the public or in the industry.

Trade Secrets are not limited to patents or intellectual property but they should be guarded and protected because many times they are just as valuable.

Recently I have come across several cases wherein a former employee opened a competing or related business to a former employer and was accused of violating Trade Secrets by using confidential and proprietary information.

In some cases, the proof is easy, like using a former employer’s client list and soliciting those clients.
In other cases, proving violation of trade secrets becomes more difficult and requires extensive discovery and review of thousands of documents.

In the best of cases employers take preventative action by having employees sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements when they are hired.

These agreements must be drafted carefully so as to avoid a contract of employment. They let the employee know that the information they now have access to is owned by the Business and should be treated as such.

Planning NOW prevents problems later.

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