Areas of Practice

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Business Law

Formation of business entities, Partnership Agreements, bylaws, operating agreements, minutes, meetings. Provide input and draft operation agreements, investor documents, expansions, mergers or acquisitions as needed. Prepare business risk analysis and make recommendations.


Draft, review, modify and finalize service agreements, vendor agreements, customer agreements, and third party agreements. Provide input and suggest changes for client’s benefit. Review and analyze leases, contracts for goods and services, product sales agreements, purchase agreements, and all other legal documents.

Employment Law

Prepare “at will” employment agreements, draft or update company policies and handbooks. Draft employment contracts and severance agreements. Manage and respond to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Fair Employment and Housing (FEHA) claims filed by employees for discrimination, sexual harassment or other alleged illegal employment action. Respond to EDD claims. Investigate employee complaints including sexual harassment, discrimination, hostile work environment and more. Create policies and procedures to avoid improprieties and liabilities in the workplace. Train managers and supervisors in responsibilities. Perform risk analysis for employers.


Lawsuits in business matters, breach of contract issues, partnership conflicts, and all forms of disputes, actions in negligence, breach of duty, intentional wrongful acts, defamation, interference with contract or business relationship, Americans with Disabilities Act claims, and other civil matters.

Respond to subpoenas, handle pre-litigation claims, litigation discovery, electronic discovery, depositions, mediations, arbitrations and trials.

Intellectual Property

Register and protect intellectual property. Copyright, trademark logos, unique terms of use. Draft non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) as well as confidentiality agreements. Send cease and desist letters to those violating intellectual property rights. Protect trade secrets and confidential business information.

Entertainment Law

Entertainment Law

Represent film and television studios, distribution companies, entertainment industry executives, talent, actors, artists, producers in entertainment industry related matters such as contract deals, distribution agreements, participation deals and audits, guild issues, theatrical, home video, streaming agreements, submissions, and copyright registration related to business and legal affairs.

Trust Administration and Litigation

Represent individuals and families in Trust Administration and Trust or Probate litigation. Help families through the trust administration process to accurately interpret and put into effect the wishes of loved ones. Take court action in cases of dispute over inheritance, clarify trust or will provisions or challenges to the estate.

Liat worked on cases involving many Theatrical Motion Pictures and Television Series. Some of those appear below.