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LAWSUITS ON THE RISE – Caveat Employers

Employee lawsuits are rising in California due to the new laws enacted related to the Coronavirus.

In California employment is “at will” (unless you are under a contract) and employers may terminate employees with or without a reason at anytime with or without notice.

However, during these unprecedented Covid 19 times, Employers must be particularly careful in how they treat employees.


A recent lawsuit brought by a pregnant worker who was laid off due to the Coronavirus claims she was replaced with a non-pregnant employee.

Other lawsuits claim the Employers violated the new Families First Coronavirus Response Act by failing to pay sick leave provided for under the Act for sick and/or quarantined individuals.A recent lawsuit was filed by an employee who was sent home and then laid off because he had a fever although he tested negative for Covid-19.

It is more than simply, “Is the employee performing as they should?”

Considerations like age, underlying medical conditions, children at home that require care, Covid-19 symptoms or illness must all be taken into account when making the decision to let an employee go.

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This becomes even more difficult if the Employer does not know the age or underlying medical conditions of the employee as employees still have the right to privacy.

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