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In order to grow your business and find new customers or clients, It’s essential to communicate in a language they will understand.
A good way to begin, is to analyze your current customers and make note of commonalities.

One thing we have learned in the last couple of years is that energizing your BASE brings results. Therefore, when you are looking for customers or even communicating with current clients, speak their language.

Would you rather work with an attorney who tells you that “the res judicata effect of the adjudication in the prior action may be beneficial in defense of a claim”? or would you rather hear “we can use your win in the last lawsuit to prevail now”?

The easiest way to turn off a listener or reader is to henceforth utilize incomprehensible legalese.

Selecting the Means of Communicating

I believe one of my most important duties is to be available to my clients and available in the way they prefer to communicate.

Where 10 years ago no attorney would ever think to give out their cell number, today snail mail is to be avoided. I email, text, use whatsapp, videocall, meet in person, and even use the telephone all based on the client’s preference. You will find that each individual has a modality that makes them most comfortable.

Keep most of your communications in the “preferred modality” — phone, texting, face-to-face, email and so on — and you will find an improved client relationship.

Feel free to contact me directly on my cell 818 917-0133 for any legal questions you may have. 

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