Legal Advisor – Changes in Sexual Harassment Laws May Harm Your Business

Employers can reduce sexual harassment claims by knowing recent changes in the laws in California, (specifically SB 1300) have made it easier for an employee to claim sexual harassment in the workplace.
When conduct sufficiently offends, humiliates, distresses or intrudes upon an employee, so as to disrupt the employee’s emotional tranquility in the workplace it is enough to create a case.

Even a single case of harassing conduct may be the basis for legal action (effective January 1, 2019.) As of this year an inappropriate “stray remark “can be used to prove harassment as part of the total workplace circumstances. This includes something like a seemingly harmless remark made by a fellow co-worker.

 Summary Action:
It is essential for employers to review their equal employment opportunity (EEO) policies and practices to ensure compliance and to mitigate risk.
If you have not recently done so, it is of paramount importance to update your Employee Handbooks and implement policies which encourage a peaceful, courteous, work environment.

To modify, review, or re-write your Employee Handbooks contact Attorney Liat Cohen (818.579.9996) for guidance and representation.

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