Legal Advisor – Black Lives Matter at Work

As the country grapples with protests supporting groups like “Black Lives Matter” and their affiliates, Employers grapple with how to handle the protestors who are their employees.

As restrictions start easing and businesses are re-opened, business owners will be facing a new “normal” in the workplace and employees will find changes, which if business owners are not careful, could lead to lawsuits.


  • Coronavirus: what to do with employees who return from protests and may have been exposed to the virus? – Employers have a right in California to check employees temperatures and ask them about symptoms and even send an employee home if they admit to being in a crowd of protestors without masks or precautions.

If one person who participated in protests is sent home to quarantine, all those who participated must be sent home to quarantine. And this is completely up to the employer and set up in each workplace. It becomes more critical when these employees have contact with the public on a regular basis.

  • Dress Code: Employers have the right in California to designate a proper dress code for the Company employees. This is especially important if those employees serve the public.
    It is completely legitimate to state that the Company policy is to keep politics out of the workplace and therefore no political statements of any kind on any shirts or masks are allowed.

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Probably the most important consideration is to ensure the workplace is safe for employees and customers alike. CDC and OSHA guidelines as well as those articulated by the Department of Labor must be followed.

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