Legal Advisor – Is Your Employee Handbook Up to Date????

Company owners with five or more employees should have an Employee Handbook for their business.
The handbook can be brief or lengthy depending on the type of business.

The Employee Handbook prevents misunderstandings among employees who will know their rights. The Employee Handbook is a guide for policies and rules of behavior.

Whether long or short every handbook should contain:

    • A statement that employment is “at will.”
    • Expectations of employees for behavior, dress code and conduct including acceptable and unacceptable behavior, use of company computers, telephones, etc.
    • List of employee benefits including vacation and sick days.
    • A statement of equal opportunity employment and zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment.
    • Information regarding harassment and the duty to investigate all complaints with confidentially.
    • The right of the company to monitor employee phone calls and e-mails.
    • Procedures for settling employment disputes.

There are many other rules and guidelines that may be included in the Employee Handbook.

Although it is common to let the Handbook age, it should be reviewed annually by a business attorney or a qualified Human Resource Director. There are ongoing changes in the law so it’s wise for the business owner to stay current. Remember, problems prevented are problems avoided. Additionally, you will have a smoother operating business when everyone knows the rules.

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