Legal Advisor – Employers Are Responsible For Workplace Safety

The news is rife with school and workplace shootings. The opportunity to review office safety procedures with your employees is NOW.

Employers have an obligation to keep the workplace safe. Employers may have liability for failing to act under certain circumstances.

Now would be be a good time to send an E-mail to all employees. I suggest sending something like the following:

We want to ensure our workplace is safe for everyone. Company procedures require that any employee, who has obtained a restraining order, or who is being physically threatened, or who is in fear for their safety or the safety of their loved ones, must bring this information directly to management as soon as possible.

While we will take steps to keep matters confidential, our foremost priority is your safety and the safety of our employees. Thank you.

If an employee brings up an issue, they should meet with HR or management and provide at least the following information:

  • Name, address, E-mail, phone number of person presenting threat
  • Detailed description of the person and a photograph
  • Nature of threat (what is employee concerned about?)
  • Who has been threatened … When? How?
  • Duration (how long this has been going on?)

(All this information should be placed in employee’s personnel file.)

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