Why should a company or an individual hire me over another attorney?

There are many attorneys in California — you can’t shake a stick without hitting one.  Attorneys, like in any profession are basically mediocre, some attorneys are simply not qualified unfortunately and then there are the few that excel in the areas that they practice in — and I am one of those that excels in my areas of practice 

The most important thing I tell a client is that you have to feel comfortable with the attorney that you hire …  meaning the attorney has to be accessible, empathetic and has to understand the area of the law you’re hiring them for.

I focus on business, contracts, agreements & employment issues.  Also, I focused on risk management for my clients.   

Whether it’s a small business or medium-sized, from separation agreements to hiring or firing an employee, I am there to guide my clients through and to manage their risks and to limit their liability.

Additionally, I’m very accessible, I always return messages — which is the largest complaint against attorneys.  I am able to text, email & speak on the phone. I am readily available on weekends 24/7 except when I’m sleeping — and I am happy to help any way I can.

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Liat Cohen has been practicing law in the Los Angeles Area for over 25 years.  I welcome you to email or call me with a legal question — I’d love to learn more about how I can help you solve your legal problems.

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