Legal Advisor – Why Retain Documents?

Document Retention – Have a Policy in Place

Every business should have a Document Retention Policy in place for their own use and in case of a lawsuit.

Companies have a right to review emails and other communications exchanged between employees. This can only be done if the information is stored and kept.

On many occasions, after an employee is long gone, questions come up on a project and a search of that employee’s communications becomes necessary. Unless the company has retained the information, they will not have access to it.

Decide what items should be retained and for how long. Your retention policy should be created “for the good of the Company” and in the event of litigation.

Document production includes paper files, emails, skype chats, text messages, slack chats, attachments to emails, electronic calendars, electronic documentation charts, graphs, and anything else you can think of that may be used in the ordinary course of business. Destruction or deletion of documents when a lawsuit arises is a violation of civil rules and is sanctionable.

Keeping and storing this information should be a well thought out decision followed by a written retention policy that works for YOUR BUSINESS.

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