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In 1973 my Family Immigrated to Los Angeles from Israel where I was born. My parents, new to this country, did not understand English well.

As many immigrants, they were entrepreneurs who went into business for themselves. Between the two of them they worked in dry cleaning, teaching, sandwich shop, 7-Eleven, and three restaurants including a seafood fine dining establishment.

In each and every business there were documents to review, papers to sign, forms to fill out and my parents, being honest people thought those they were dealing with were honest as well. Unfortunately, several times they learned the hard way that some people cannot be trusted.

By the time I was 10 years old I was reading and interpreting a lot of the paperwork for my parents and I remember my tagline “don’t sign anything until I see it” repeated over and over to them well into my late teens.

As an attorney for over 25 years my tagline has been “solving your legal problems”. I take great pride in helping people, especially business owners so they do not fall victim to unscrupulous scammers or just ordinarily incompetent vendors or service providers.

I still tell my clients “don’t sign anything until I see it” The seasoned ones send me the contract to review before it is signed. Of course I often help those who signed an agreement that went wrong, after all, solving problems is my stock and trade.
I am still the attorney in the family and I know how proud my parents are of me because of all the the people who I have helped in my career.

Liat Cohen Esquire is proud to announce
the firm founded on August 1, 1997 has a new name:

(A California Professional Corporation)

The website, contact information and excellent personal service remain the same! Thank you to all my clients for their continued support.

Liat Cohen, Esq.
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