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The “right” client?
It may sound simple, whomever calls or walks through the door is a customer. And that may be true for certain retailers like a restaurant or dry cleaner, but for those developing a relationship with a client, not a one time service, finding the right client takes more work.
Things such as; need, product benefits, service, features, authorization to make the purchasing decision, the ability to pay, and “trust” become things to examine closely.
Whether you are a realtor, website developer, doctor, lawyer, financial manager, or any business person on the look out for long term repeat clients here are some things to keep in mind.
Red Flags: these are warning signs we sometimes ignore in our need for more business. Remember, a thorough vetting at the outset may save time and money down the road.
Some examples are:
  • potential client who tells you “My friends say this is a five-million-dollar case.”
  • potential client who tells you “The last three doctors (or any professional service) I spoke to were totally useless.”
  • potential client who asks you to reduce your fee at the onset, and then also asks again after receiving the first bill
  • potential client who cannot make a decision “I have seen 32 houses, but none were quite right.”
  • potential client who likes to sue people and has been involved in litigation against his former doctors, attorneys, brokers, accountants etc. (Lawsuits against contractors do not count, those are usually a given);
  • potential client that asks if, rather than getting paid up front for your work, you could wait till she makes the movie, play, or sells her book and then pay you from profits.
  •  and the notorious potential client that is asking for free advice saying,
    “I will have a lot more work for you in the future.”

While not all of these necessarily disqualify a potential client, they should give you pause to evaluate the situation and determine if this is the right client for you.

Remember to “trust but verify” is always a good model to follow.

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