Legal Advisor – Business Re-Open Checklist

As An Employer You Must Respond to a Variety of issues to Maintain and Re-Open Operations During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Since this situation is unpredictable you, as an employer, must  take a number of actions to ensure your business practices follow local and state guidelines:

  • Consult CDC, OSHA and health department best practices for more information go to
  • Assess permissibility of onsite operations as regards to  closure orders
  • Assess workforce needs including telework, furlough, or layoff
  • Consider monitoring health of workforce; body temperature, personal protective equipment, rearrange physical space to ensure adequate social distancing
  • Monitor travel history of employees and third parties entering premises
  • Implement guidelines to limit or restrict visitor and other third party access to workplace
  • Shift positions to telework where practical
  • Consider options of salary reduction, conversion of salary to hourly, and other methods to reduce wage-related expenses
  • Communicate with employees regarding anticipated closures, layoffs, furloughs, social distancing, non-discrimination, and anti-harassment policies
  • An Employer must follow the guidelines of the City and County in which her business resides. Above all an Employer must ensure a safe working environment to the best of her ability

* This checklist is only a summary of key points. For details  go to

While Employers must follow State and County guidelines, they must also be aware of their own workplace environment and the requests of their Employees. If you think it is a minefield, it is.

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