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With thousands of attorneys in the Los Angeles area, many practicing different fields of law, some are truly gifted, some just barely get by, and most fall in the middle. When you have a legal problem that is important to you, how do you make sure you pick the best attorney for your case?

Look for the following:

  • Ask if the attorney has experience with your specific type of case. Be it a car accident, employment dispute, contracts, copyright, divorce, criminal, etc. The attorney you choose should have experience in this area of law.
  • Is the attorney responsive to your requests, calls, or emails?
  • Ask for an estimate of costs, legal fees and time. No outcome is guaranteed especially if a lawsuit is required, but an experienced attorney can give you a range of what to expect, cost and time wise.
  • In an injury case if any attorney tells you your case is worth a million dollars, RUN. No competent attorney will give you a case value right at the start.
  • Ask other attorneys for referrals. Your friends may also know “the best” attorney however, this specific attorney may or may not be the best for your case;
  • When hiring a large firm be clear about who will be working on your case; the senior partner, the first-year associate, more than one associate, or all of the above?
    Simply put who will take care of your matter and how many attorneys are you paying for?
  • Finally, go with your instinct. How do you feel after speaking with or meeting the attorney? Do you feel confident? Is there a rapport? Do you feel that the attorney understands and cares? If so, that is the attorney for you.


An attorney in Beverly Hills was once asked how much he charges per hour? and he responded $850.00. The potential client said, “isn’t that a lot of money for one hour?” and the attorney replied, “you are not paying for one hour, you are paying for 40 years of experience!”

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