Legal Advisor – How “Stay At Home” Affects Your Business

The situation surrounding the Covid-19 virus, stay at home orders, testing, and treating infected individuals along with rules related to quarantine, staying at home, closure of businesses, and the continued work of essential businesses are constantly changing.

Below are some questions that my office has encountered: There are many specific circumstances and the answers depend on the exact situation, so remember to call me first at 818.579. 9996.

Q– Can I fire my employees because I have to shut down my business?
A– Yes, you can, but if you plan on firing some and not all, call me first.

Q– What will happen to them?
A– They will file for unemployment insurance and get benefits they are entitled to plus an additional $600 per week for four months. Call me first

Q– Can I keep paying health insurance? Do I need to offer COBRA?
A– Call me first.

Q– What is the difference between a “furlough and a” layoff?”
A– A layoff is a termination, a furlough is like a termination, but usually has date to return to work. An end date. Under both situations the employee is entitled to unemployment benefits. It depends on the plan for your business. Call me first.

Q– Can I reduce salary, or hours or fire some, but not all of my employees?
A– Generally, yes but it must be done in a fair and non-discriminatory manner. Call me first.

Q– Am I an essential business that can keep operating?
A– An essential business is one that is identified as essential by your State or Local government agency.
Call me first.

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