Legal Advisor – Harvey Weinstein, Why the Uproar Now?

The mainstream media, social media, pundits, bloggers and everyone in between have gotten on the bandwagon to blast Harvey Weinstein, demonstrating once again that a man is guilty until proven otherwise when it comes to sexual harassment.

Do not get me wrong, I do believe the women who have come forward with their stories of Harvey’s inappropriate behavior. What I don’t understand is why now?

Something else is going on. Now I may sound paranoid, and as an attorney I believe that is my right, but there is someone big and powerful out to get Harvey Weinstein and now is the time.

I don’t understand why reporters, bloggers, and investigative journalists do not ask the hard questions. Sure, it’s easier to report the stories of the women coming forward, the juicy details of Harvey’s inappropriate actions, the fact that the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences revoked Harvey’s membership, and that the Producer’s Guild will probably do the same. But if you truly are an investigative reporter, investigate the reason why this is happening now. Don’t just report what is being spoon fed to you.

As to the question “why now” the answer is who has the most to gain?

Was there a plan to take over the Weinstein Company, buy them out? Certainly, the price has dropped significantly since the scandal broke.

Did Harvey tick off someone with more clout than his in the industry, someone who decided enough with the Weinstein Company?

Did Harvey’s brother, Bob, want out of the Company but wasn’t being offered what he thought was a fair amount of money?

Did Harvey want out and wasn’t being offered enough, or did Harvey want to destroy the company he built to prove it was his and no one else’s? The epitome of Harvey’s ego. Was this whole debacle orchestrated? I believe it was.

The Weinstein Company hasn’t had a blockbuster hit in over two years. The highest gross movie was just over $51M in 2016 according to , nothing to brag about. And none of their movies hit the $100M dollar mark in years.

As far as the uproar in claims, some speculate that there is safety in numbers, once one or two women come forward it encourages others to follow, yes that is certainly the case. But let’s back up a moment. There are multiple reporters who have been pursuing this story, apparently one of the worst kept secrets in the entertainment industry, for years. And at the last minute the story or stories got squashed. So why was it different now?

Jocelyn Noveck of the Associated Press proposed on October 7, 2014 the premise that Harvey Weinstein “has fallen on more challenging times recently, and his influence appeared to be waning.” But in the same article, appearing in the Chicago Tribune, there were also the suggestions that culture had changed in the entertainment industry, prior accusations such as those of Gretchen Carlson which brought down Fox CEO Ailes gave other women courage, and on and on.

I don’t buy it.

Each of these instances, bringing down moguls, actors, producers had their just perfect timing for someone’s good reason. Crosby was about to go into production on a new show. Ailes “built not just a conservative cable news channel but something like the fourth branch of government; a propaganda arm for the GOP, an organization that determined Republican presidential candidates, sold wars, and decided issues of the day for 2 million viewers.” O’Reilly too, had risen to influence beyond what people were willing to accept, and out he went.

While it’s true these men committed reprehensible, despicable acts against women for years without compunction, and they deserved the lawsuits, punishment and ouster from their powerful positions, I would delve into the timing.

Timing is everything. 

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