Legal Advisor – Domino’s Found Non-Compliant.

Domino’s Inc. tried to argue in court that they are not required to make their website or phone apps ADA compliant. In January of this year, the Appellate court ruled against them thus making it easier for attorneys to bring lawsuits against other businesses.
Most businesses that are targeted are small businesses that provide “public accommodation” and must therefore comply with the ADA requirements on their website. Restaurants are popular targets, but the field is expanding fast.

There are no clear ADA regulations that explain what compliant website content looks like.


What is even worse is that there are no clear regulations that explain what a compliant web content looks like. Businesses are instructed to offer “reasonable accessibility” to people with disabilities.

Beyond the consequences of being sued for failing to comply with the law, a website that counts on sales and service to the public may be missing out on business by failing to take into consideration customers with disabilities. And, it is the right thing to do.
If you have any questions regarding your website and its compliance, please contact Attorney Liat Cohen for advice and an IT company that specializes in ADA website compliance.
Note: In this article ADA refers to the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990  and subsequent legislation


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