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Want Your Business to Succeed?
Of course all entrepreneurs are optimistic when they form a new business, but there are some common, not-so-obvious mistakes that can spell disaster for any business regardless of size or age.
Be smart and take a few simple actions to proactively avoid trouble.
The most common mistakes are made by businesses who focus only on “more sales” and are complacent about dangers that can easily be avoided. Having preventative measures in place can save you money and turn losses into profits.
It’s important to do the following things before trouble happens:
  • Select an experienced business attorney and accountant. Your accountant should be able to plan  and recommend strategies … not just do your taxes.
  • Set up the right business structure. Note: if you are a sole proprietor all of your personal assets are in danger if your business is sued.

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  • Put your privacy policy in writing that applies to your clients. Do not share client information such as e-mails and lists or specifically state “sharing” in your written policy.


  • Be sure your agreements with outside vendors and suppliers are legally binding.
  • Create a file for every employee. Failure could mean fines and shutting down business.
  • Get proper business insurance and employment liability insurance.
  • Get copyrights, patents, and trademarks to prevent stealing of ideas and information.
Avoid Frustration by Proactive Actions 
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